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Good Morning from New York City… 

On behalf of all of us at OD&A, we wish you a restful and relaxing Labor Day.       
Tomorrow, Congress returns to Washington with a packed agenda through the end of the year (Federal FY 2023 appropriations anyone?).                             
We are also looking forward to an exciting campaign season in New York and across the country in this midterm election year, and of course, we will be preparing for the 2023 New York State Budget and Legislative Session. 
Thank you for being a part of the O’Donnell & Associates Team. 

As always, should you have anything you want to discuss, any part of that—politics, policy, or other—please do not hesitate to ask! 

-Jack O’Donnell





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Tech Investment Is Helping Buffalo Come Back, But Immigrants Are The Real Secret

Buffalo’s is a potential renaissance in two parts: immigrants are restoring some of the population lost to seven decades of decline. And, at the same time, the state’s money is helping to drive a new tech community. [Read more.]

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AFL-CIO’s Mario Cilento on the State of Labor in New York

Chipotle, Amazon and Starbucks employees have all started to unionize, which may be one of the reasons a new poll from Gallup indicates that support for labor unions is at a 57-year-high in the U.S. Capital Tonight’s Susan Arbetter checked in with Mario Cilento, president of the New York State AFL-CIO. [Watch here.]

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Why Can’t You Buy Whipped Cream in NY if You’re Under 21?

Everyone knows to bring their ID with them when going to buy alcohol or tobacco products — but what about when looking to get a can of Reddi Whip from the grocery store? There is a little-known state law that is causing confusion over who can purchase the ice cream topping. [Read more.]