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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                November 20, 2020

Buffalo Company Partners with Bobcat, Case on 100% Electric Construction Equipment

Viridi Parente’s Green Machine technology is leading the way in reducing harmful carbon emissions across the globe.

It all started with a bet.

Viridi Parente Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jon M. Williams had one of his diesel excavators doing work on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. The fumes from the equipment were getting into the ventilation systems in the surrounding medical buildings, affecting those inside. His client on the job asked if he could come up with a greener solution. Jon said, “If I come up with the technology, you have to promise to buy it.”

Jon founded Viridi Parente and the rest, as they say, is history!

Today, Viridi Parente’s revolutionary Green Machine technology is being used in 100% electric construction vehicles for two of the giants in the industry: Bobcat and Case Construction.

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(This article mentions the partnership also includes MOOG)

Viridi Parente is also working to bring its technology to the local community, recently delivering a 100% electric excavator for a demo in the Town of Lancaster.

Viridi Parente re-powers OEM’s excavator chassis with its Green Machine technology to create a quieter, cleaner and higher performing machine.

“It’s very exciting,” says Lancaster Highway Superintendent Dan Amatura. He likes the safety factor, allowing the operator to communicate with other members of the crew without the noise from the diesel engine. The power is also unparalleled. Amatura admits the longtime members of his staff will be skeptical at first.

“Old-schoolers don’t believe it can do the job,” he says, but he expects to change minds during the demo.

Town Supervisor Ron Ruffino has initiated action to investigate research on available State and Federal Grants in support of his vision to phase in Green Machine technology within the Town’s equipment inventory, taking the first step in complying with New York State’s ambitious climate control targets that call for a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Viridi Parente is located in the former American Axle plant on E. Delavan in Buffalo, bringing back to life the manufacturing facility shuttered in 2012, and it now employs over 30 people.

Besides its Green Machine technology, Viridi Parente also operates Volta Energy Products that produces lithium-ion pack systems for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial use.  Placing storage systems at the point of use provides cost savings, electric demand control and resiliency directly to those facilities and/or critical infrastructure.  Both the Town of Lancaster and the Town of Amherst are looking to apply this technology to traffic signals at busy intersections to keep them operating in the event of a power outage.

This technology will address many of New York State’s goals within the recently adopted CLC legislation. With the state’s bold timeline for embracing alternative energy sources, Viridi Parente is actively working with its partners in government to bring New York’s rules and regulations in line with these cutting-edge technologies to allow for wide-scale implementation.

“Our technology is disrupting the industry with cleaner, more cost effective and productive construction equipment while also providing resiliency and electric demand control in stationary applications,” says Williams. “The future is right here in Buffalo. We look forward to helping New York State continue to lead the way in clean energy and bring homegrown innovation to the global climate market.” 


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