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Each week, Jack provides insight for the week ahead with a look back into what happened in New York government the week before. Each Memo is posted here, but get it first when you subscribe.


Monday Morning Memo – January 17

Martin Luther King, Jr. leading the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March, a 5-day, 54-mile protest in Alabama over Black voting rights. Good morning from Atlanta…   The birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. whom we honor on this federal holiday created in 1986 to commemorate...

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Monday Morning Memo – January 10

  Good Morning from Albany…   The New York State Legislative Session is back in full swing (albeit virtually for the most part) this week, through Wednesday. It appears there will be no January ramp up period as Legislators will immediately consider a mountain of...

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Monday Morning Memo – January 3

  Welcome to 2022!  The year ahead promises redistricting, Congressional mid-terms, races for New York’s statewide offices as well as the entire legislature so as they say, look out for squalls. Despite the uncertainty Omicron has created over the past few weeks,...

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Monday Morning Memo – December 20

Good Morning from Washington, D.C.... The United States Senate adjourned for the year early on Saturday morning with plans to return to Washington on January 3rd. This means no votes on the Build Back Better Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and any...

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Monday Morning Memo – December 13

Good Morning from Washington, D.C.... Congress is now officially in extra time. Both the House and the Senate were scheduled to adjourn for the Holiday Recess last Friday. Instead, the House has formally added a week to its schedule and will now be in session until at...

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Monday Morning Memo – December 6

Good Morning from Washington, D.C.... President Joe Biden signed stopgap legislation to avert a government shutdown just hours ahead of a midnight deadline Friday. Congress passed the bill in both Houses Thursday evening after party leaders brokered a deal to overcome...

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