Monday Morning Memo and More

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Each week, Jack provides insight for the week ahead with a look back into what happened in New York government the week before. Each Memo is posted here, but get it first when you subscribe.


Monday Morning Memo – August 3

Good Morning from Washington, D.C., All eyes are on Washington, as state and local governments, corporations, small businesses, hospitals, schools, and most Americans wait to see if Congress can agree on additional relief to include in a new federal coronavirus relief...

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Monday Morning Memo – July 27

Good Morning from Albany... Today marks 99 days until Election Day. What happens in Washington this week will go a long way towards determining who wins—and who loses—in November, as supplemental unemployment payments to many out-of-work Americans expire this week....

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Monday Morning Memo – July 20

Good Morning from Atlanta... The New York State Senate and Assembly will convene today—in a rare summer Legislative Session—that is expected to last for most of the week. The Assembly plans to gavel in this afternoon and, with only a few members physically present in...

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Monday Morning Memo – July 13

Good Morning from Albany... Legislative Session will reconvene next Monday for three or four days. Legislators will pass a number of local bills that usually pass at the end of session. Broader issues—of statewide interest and impact—are under consideration as you...

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Monday Morning Memo – July 6

Good Morning from New York City... Last week, the United States House of Representatives approved a $1.5 trillion infrastructure package; the legislation includes more than $300 billion for repairing bridges and roads, over $100 billion for low-income schools, $100...

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Monday Morning Memo – June 29

Good Morning from Buffalo... While New York’s Primary Elections have come and gone, many votes have not yet been counted and most winners undetermined. Nearly 1.75 million New Yorkers applied for absentee ballots to vote in Primary and Special Elections. Ballots have...

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