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Each week, Jack provides insight for the week ahead with a look back into what happened in New York government the week before. Each Memo is posted here, but get it first when you subscribe.


Monday Morning Memo – Dec 9

Good Morning from New York... Posturing around New York State’s looming $6.1 billion budget began last week.  Expect that rhetoric to heat up significantly (times 6,100,000,000 perhaps?) in the coming weeks. Speaker Carl Heastie declared that the Assembly Democratic...

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Monday Morning Memo – Dec 2

Good Morning from New York... The New York State Public Campaign Financing Commission—which was appointed earlier this year after Governor Cuomo and Legislative leaders failed to reach consensus on overhauling the state’s campaign finance system—held its final vote...

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Monday Morning Memo – Nov 25

Good Morning from New York... The 2020 Legislative Session begins in just over six weeks. Major issues next year will include the definition of employees and independent contractors in response to a growing 'gig economy,'; adult use marijuana (and an overarching...

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Monday Morning Memo – Nov 18

Good Morning from New York... Impeachment continues to dominate the headlines while the battle over the $1.3 Trillion federal budget—with a $322 Billion increase from last year—that includes all Federal funding for the Departments of Defense, Labor, Transportation,...

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Monday Morning Memo – Nov 11

Monday Morning Memo for the week of November 11, 2019. Analysis of the New York elections; cockfighting in Puerto Rico, Tesla plant in Buffalo, and more. Lots to read and learn.

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Monday Morning Memo – Nov 4

Monday Morning Memo for 11-4-2019: Election Day in New York, a secret plan to kill third parties in New York, the narrow path to a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, and more.

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