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Each week, Jack provides insight for the week ahead with a look back into what happened in New York government the week before. Each Memo is posted here, but get it first when you subscribe.


Monday Morning Memo – August 22

Good Morning from Albany… It was a good week for former Governor Andrew Cuomo. In a 16-page ruling, State Supreme Court Judge Denise Hartman ruled Cuomo would not have to repay $5.1 million in proceeds from his memoir “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the...

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Monday Morning Memo – August 15

Good Morning from Kiawah Island… After we enter the August Legislative Recess, President Joe Biden is on vacation in South Carolina (although some are asking why?). Members of Congress are back in their districts campaigning for reelection as we approach the midterm...

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Monday Morning Memo – August 8

Good Morning from Washington, D.C.... After a nearly 15-hour vote-a-rama over the weekend, the $740 billion “Schumer-Manchin” Reconciliation Bill—dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed the Senate on Sunday morning. Vice President Kamala Harris broke the tie...

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Monday Morning Memo – August 1

Good Morning from Washington, D.C.... Perhaps it is Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s world, and we are just living in it: with a week to spare before the August legislative recess, Schumer has gotten the “Chips plus Science” Act—the yearslong bipartisan priority...

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Monday Morning Memo – July 25

Good Morning from the Nation's Capital... You have heard us say this before but the path to Congress’s August Recess is packed with important legislative action, issues that will impact what happens in the midterm elections. The Senate is scheduled to adjourn August 5...

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Monday Morning Memo – July 18

Good Morning from the Campaign Trail... Newsmax host Greg Kelly enlivened a somewhat sleepy governor’s race by saying, “Kathy Hochul has not really done much of anything, other than, I’m sorry but, be somebody’s wife,” during an interview with Republican candidate Lee...

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