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Each week, Jack provides insight for the week ahead with a look back into what happened in New York government the week before. Each Memo is posted here, but get it first when you subscribe.


Monday Morning Memo – March 1

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s terrible, no good, very bad month continues. Last week and over the weekend, two former aides leveled detailed sexual harassment allegations at the Governor: Wednesday, former Executive Chamber staffer Lindsay Boylan made allegations of sexual...

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Monday Morning Memo – Feb 22

Good Morning from the State Capital...  The storm surrounding nursing home deaths and public disclosure continued on unabated, in fact, this week featured significant developments including a letter from nine Democratic Assembly Members demanding an end to Governor...

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Monday Morning Memo – Feb 15

Good Morning from the State Capital...  The fallout from COVID-19 related deaths in nursing homes continues to dominate New York State politics, raising additional questions about how Governor  Andrew Cuomo and his Administration handled the issue. Last week, senior...

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Monday Morning Memo – Feb 8

Good Morning from Washington, DC...  In order to move forward with President Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief package without Republican support or votes, Democrats this week unleashed the budget reconciliation process (which allows passage by a simple majority,...

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Monday Morning Memo – Feb 1

"New York is poised to lose a U.S. House seat, and if Democrats end up drawing the map, it could be their biggest weapon of the redistricting cycle," says Dave Wasserman, redistricting expert at the nonpartisan Cook report. Read about one possible scenario in a...

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Monday Morning Memo – Jan 25

Good Morning from Right Field Remembering American Icon Hammer' Hank...  Back in the nation's capital, Speaker Nancy Pelosi will formally deliver Articles of Impeachment to the Senate charging former President Donald J. Trump on a charge of “incitement of...

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