The effort is a three-prong approach to becoming more proactive, less reactive toward these debilitating cyber threats.

Governor Kathy Hochul, (D) New York has unveiled the State’s first-ever cybersecurity strategy to help protect government agencies, as well as the private sector and nonprofits across NY from becoming victims of this growing digital crime.

“Our interconnected world demands an interconnected defense leveraging every resource available,” Governor Hochul said. “This strategy sets forth a nation-leading blueprint to ensure New York State stands ready and resilient in the face of cyber threats.”  

The strategy outlines a set of high-level objectives for cybersecurity and resilience across New York. It designates roles and responsibilities among state agencies and provides services, advice, and assistance to county and local governments. It also offers private stakeholders a roadmap for cyber risk mitigation and outlines a plan to protect critical infrastructure, networks, data, and technology systems.   

Governor Hochul announced her commitment to reinforce New York State’s centralized cybersecurity during this year’s State of the State address. The $90 million investment for cybersecurity included in the Fiscal Year 2024 Budget provides $30 million to assist local governments in strengthening their own defenses against cyber threats. $500 million of this investment is earmarked for New York State’s healthcare information technology, primarily cybersecurity infrastructure, as well as $7.4 million to expand the New York State Police’s Cyber Analysis Unit, Computer Crimes Unit and Internet Crimes Against Children Center.

The state’s comprehensive cybersecurity strategy is defined by three central principles: Unification, Resilience and Preparedness. 


Work to increase access to cybersecurity information, tools, and services across all levels of government to ensure that the least resourced entities are covered.


Expand the scope of regulations, requirements, and recommendations to include the private sector and nonprofits so that all of New York’s critical infrastructure is better protected.


Provide advice and guidance to ensure New Yorkers are empowered to take charge of their own cybersecurity.

New York State Chief Cyber Officer Colin Ahern said, “Our vision for unification, resilience, and preparedness addresses the critical need for advanced resources and expertise across the state. We’re ensuring that every New Yorker is equally protected from digital threats.” 

Governor Hochul also signed legislation to expand New York’s technology talent pool and provide funding to help ensure that New York-based employers can hire and retain necessary cybersecurity personnel.

SUNY Chancellor John B. King, Jr. said, “SUNY campuses are leading in cybersecurity education, both in preparing our students for jobs, and in providing cutting-edge laboratories for faculty, staff, and student research. Our students are in high demand for jobs, and we are thankful for the Governor’s investment to help us educate more New Yorkers in this field, and, via the Digital Transformation Fund in the 2024 enacted budget, protect our campuses from cyber-attacks.”

Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Public Service Commission Rory M. Christian said, “New York is a hub for significant financial, governmental, manufacturing, and transportation infrastructure that has higher than normal risk of cyberattack for either criminal or geopolitical reasons. Governor Hochul’s leadership will help ensure that New York has the best cybersecurity protection available.”