Lauren Voorhees


Lauren Voorhees

Lauren Voorhees brings a focus on criminal justice reform to O’Donnell & Associates from her work at Gideon’s Promise, a non-profit organization dedicated to training public defenders. During her time there, she conducted research on criminal justice policies, supported reform initiatives, and engaged in community outreach that raised awareness and fostered collaboration dedicated to transforming the criminal justice system.

Furthermore, Lauren complements OD&A’s growing international relationships through her diverse upbringing in Spain, Denmark, and  Switzerland, all of which deeply influence her passion for international relations and policy-making and offer a host of resources and insights to OD&A’s clients and partners.

Lauren is pursuing a double major in Political Science and Psychology with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Toronto.

In her free time, Lauren loves to play soccer and volunteer at her local animal shelter, the Toronto Humane Society.

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